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The Lux Innovation Group has many certified partners around the world. Please get in touch with us if you are connected to potential clients:


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Why work with us?

It is not organizations, systems or processes that generate innovation – it is people who develop innovative solutions and services. Accordingly, it is people with their individual attitudes, skills and knowledge who make the difference. We are looking for partners who share the same hunger for a free market. Strong alone – unbeatable together.

What are the advantages?

Reach more Clients

Open the door to more possibilities and reach out for more potential client to support

Continuous growth

Successively increase your business and scale your income through constant customer growth.

Extensive Mentoring

An intensive mentoring program provides you with all relevant information for professional consultation

New Networks

More services means more opportunities. Expand your business and build up a new network of partnership in your country.

Continuous growth

Successively expand your business and scale your income through constant customer growth.

Qualified support

Benefit from the administrative relief provided by the system headquarters and thus create the freedom for your core tasks and your success.

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