Social commitment

We support the Wape Nafasi association in Lübeck


Education is the most important human good. It shapes life, togetherness and opens doors.

It is a matter of the heart for us to help those who otherwise are denied free access to educational facilities. We therefore sponsor school sponsorships in Kenya by supporting the “Wape Nafasi” association.

The school sponsorship supports children and young people by providing them with school uniforms, shoes, exercise books, etc. The sponsorships are mediated in primary and secondary schools.

For every scholarship awarded, the LUX Innovation Group sponsors to promote education in Africa and thus make our contribution to a better life for those people.

Would you also like to make your contribution?

The association Wape Nafasi has been active in Kenya, in the Kenyaluo South district, since 2013 in various areas, such as medical support or school support.

There is an account to which the donations for the various projects are transferred. You can also get help on site.

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