The professional scholarship is a program of the LUX Innovation Group. The scholarship supports graduates and technicians after completing their studies. The aim of the program is to further specialize committed people in theoretical and practical terms. The unique character of this scholarship is that applicants do not have to apply to any foundation or talented student.


We created the LUX scholarship for this very purpose! We offer young academics and technicians new perspectives and thus advance your company in a targeted manner.

Let’s go innovative ways together!

But what is actually a higher-quality further education?

It is a subject-specific advanced training that is specially tailored to your upcoming job. At this point, however, no standard advanced training such as IT or 10-finger typewriter courses are offered.

We offer further training that will also help you in your professional activity, e.g. in the areas of IWI, QM, SAP or PAD. The newly acquired knowledge will help you to carry out your profession and you can further expand it there.



You will receive a monthly income from us for your employment.

personality profiles

We will create a personality profile for you so that in the end you will come together with the right company and the right job!

no NC

With us you don’t have to be the best of the year or virtuoso. Your motivation is all that matters to us!

video interviews

To avoid long journeys and stress on site, we offer you the opportunity to conduct video interviews with the companies. So you are in a familiar environment and can concentrate fully on the conversation!

work experience

In addition to paying, you will gain a lot of experience in a professional field that will not only advance you in your studies but also in your professional career.

no recruitment tests for the professional scholarship

We do not conduct a recruitment test to find our scholarship holders. We welcome everyone with the necessary motivation and ambition!


When can I apply for the scholarship?

You can apply for the scholarship from the winter semester 2018.

Who can apply?

Every graduate can apply because our scholarship is free of recruitment tests and numerus clausus.

How long does the scholarship last?

The scholarship runs for 18 months.

How does the training work?

After your registration, we will find a suitable company for you based on your interests and requirements. After a three-month familiarization period, you can start your dual training.

What happens if I have to stop?

You lose your right to further training. You are also contractually prohibited from working for the company where you started your professional scholarship. This is how we give all applicants a fair chance.

What can I do if I don't like the company or the position?

We do our best to find the most suitable company for you, your wishes and ideas through our behavior analysis. However, in spite of all our efforts, it can also happen that it simply does not fit here. Should it happen that, despite all your efforts, you cannot stay in the company and look for a new employer after 18 months, we will give each applicant a unique second chance to find a new company.


Schritt 1

Review all application documents
We check all applications that we receive in the order in which they are received. If questions arise, we clarify them in a short telephone conversation.

We want to protect you and the companies from disappointments.
To find the best match between you and the companies, you have to fill out a simple questionnaire about your personality.

Zuordnung zu den Unternehmen
Nach Erhalt all deiner Unterlagen und deren Auswertung vergleichen wir die Ergebnisse mit dem Anforderungsprofil. Wenn alle fachlichen und persönlichen Eckdaten stimmen, leiten wir deine Unterlagen an ein passendes Unternehmen weiter.

Allocation to the companies
After receiving all of your documents and evaluating them, we compare the results with the requirement profile. If all technical and personal key data are correct, we will forward your documents to a suitable company.

Schritt 2

Video interview

We will have a short conversation with you over Skype to give you an impression of your future employer.

Schritt 3

Direct interview with the company

At this point you have the chance to get to know your future employer and ask questions. Get an idea of the company and your future position. Of course we also prepare you comprehensively for this conversation.