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Lux Innovation Group

We – a modern visa agency from Germany with the goal of a European labor market without borders.

Company Philosophy

Do you know that feeling of being at a dead end? No job, no prospects? Or worse, you work for a company that doesn’t value you and you’re just a number?

Like you, I’ve been to one of those places. After years of working as an engineer for a global corporation company, I asked myself the question: „Where do you want to go and do I want to do that for the rest of my life?“

„People who make difficult decisions usually have an easy life. Whereas the people who make easy choices usually have a difficult life.“

I have chosen to do what I enjoy doing and that is to use my knowledge and expertise to bring other people closer to their dreams. The new immigration law for skilled workers gives us now the great opportunity to reach even more people and to support them on their way.
Unfortunately, there are still a lot of black sheep in this branch who do not see the people, but only have their own profit in mind. I think it is time to change that!

The word innovation stands for exactly that. We take the time to find the right strategy for your individual situation. With us you will not be left alone, because we are at your side during the whole process. No matter if it’s your application or we take away your fear of a job interview or even guide you through your first steps in Germany.

Founder of LUX Innovation Group

I admire and respect all people who want to go this way on their own. For you I have created my YouTube channel. There you will find many useful tips for the first steps. But I would also like to warn you about setbacks and disappointments! Therefore, you should definitely ask yourself: „Do I want to climb this mountain alone or with non-local mountain guides? Or do you feel safer with an experienced and competent mountain guide at your side?

We will accompany you on your journey with valuable advice and guidance to bring you closer to your personal summit. To make your decision easier, we offer you a 50% money back guarantee if we have not brought you closer to your destination. That is what my name stands for in this company and our services.

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