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Lux Innovation Group

The easiest Way for IT - Specialist`s & Engineer to get a German Long Stay Visa

About us

As a specialist for VISA procedures, we take care of the hole process for our clients. Starting with the free consultation until you finally move to Germany. In this process, each client is special and unique to us. We consider each situation and provide unique, non-standard advices. We will always offer flexible services to clients and partner, depending on your individual needs and wishes.


Free and comprehensive consultation and strategies to obtain a VISUM D

Handling of the entire visa process (including all paperwork and communication with officials)

Recognition process of client degree`s

Professional support from resume until finding your future employer

Coaching of the client for negotiation`s in the interview

Guidance and assistance for family reunion of family members


Our Happy Clients!

Why us?

All our activities and services are based on the Residence Act and the Skilled Immigration Act from 2020. That is why we deal only with legal employment and have 95% success rate in obtaining long stay visa.

We have been on the German labor market for many years. During this time, we have
gained considerable experience and studied all the nuances and details of the field, which
enables us to work fast and efficiently.

Unlike other companies, we do not extend our help in finding a job for endless exhausting
consultations. It is important that we reach your goal as quickly as possible. That`s why we offer a clear and transparent strategy right from the beginning.

Our customers are our highest value. That is why we consider all your needs and listen
carefully to the problems. Guarantee: We spent our spare time, work overtime if necessary and do our best to work for you. After all, our main goal is to give full attention for maximum results.

We offer comprehensive advice in the preparation and processing

We support you in the submission of all your applications and keep you fully informed about
all the necessary formalities from the receipt of your work visa to your residence permit.

We work most efficiently, effectively and transparently

Our mission is to save you as much work as possible. Instead, you can fully concentrate on
achieving your career goals and your successful future.

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Expand your horizon for your successful future!

We look forward to providing you with information and consulting support, valuable advice
and active assistance from the moment your idea came up in a dreamy contribution to your
first day abroad.